Choose a Profitable Niche: Tips for New Bloggers

Choose a Profitable Niche: Tips for New Bloggers

We all have this challenge when starting a blog.

Picking a blog topic or niche.

First, let’s define what’s a niche?

Definition from Oxford Languages

a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

“he believes he has found a niche in the market”

Follow this example. A die-hard DIY hardware store owner wants to help customers with DIY projects.

He plans to stock a range of power saws that will save time, effort and match their needs.

Niche marketing can help this owner: 

  • Reduce competition
  • Be unique and increase visibility
  • Build expertise and gain customer trust
  • Reduce cost by buying specific products for a specific target market.

So, how did I pick and decide to stick to this blogging niche?

In this article, I share with you tips on how to choose a profitable niche.

I drew inspiration from other bloggers. Who are they?

Over the years, I’ve read many blogs. 

Pat Flynn’s passive income reports always motivated me.

I love Amylyn Andrews’ minimalist style.

Niche hacks and niche pursuits enlightened me on everything niche sites.

The Penny Hoarder blog gives great tips to make money online.

Neil Patel’s is a guru whose ultimate guides to online marketing  I found helpful.

I admire Charity Jerop’s resilience and aggressiveness. She’s guest written for top websites.

Walter Akolo of Freelancer Kenya continues to share golden nuggets about online writing.

How did I choose my blog topic?

All the above mentioned bloggers are part of the business, online marketing, and blogging niche.

I have a knack for online marketing and even undertaken free courses and gotten certified by both HubSpot and Google.

I also got to learn about Jon Morrow and started following him.

His blog smart blogger was the inspiration behind this blog name smart business blogger. 

As you’ll learn in this article, you have to pick a topic that you’re interested in.

I simply added “business” (my interest) to the name and got my domain.

Curious to learn what’s special about Jon?

Read his story that has gotten a mind-boggling 70k shares!

I joined 4 million other blog readers who visit his blog to learn from the guru himself.

I’m on the path to becoming a renowned blogger too! 

Well, if you answer the following questions, you will easily pick your own blog topic.

1. What’s your current expertise?

The best thing to share with others is what you already know, you ooze confidence and people notice it.

It’s also often said that experience is the best teacher! 

Sharing what you know also saves you time rather than searching for new topics that you have little knowledge about.

For example, If you’ve been selling effective skincare products with 99% client satisfaction, why not start a blog as a skincare consultant.

To up your game, you may consider enrolling for a short course on skin care.

You will gain trust and win even more clients.

To bring out professionalism, invest time to learn the industry vocabulary of your target audience.

To grasp online marketing, I had to take digital marketing courses to gain knowledge.

Get your jig on and start selling your expertise, not perfection.

Begin by searching for bloggers in your target niche to draw inspiration.

2. Which topics interest you?

You can also pick a topic based on your passion. 

Are you organized and can plan a week of healthy family meals on a budget?

Many busy people with families may use your invaluable knowledge through your blog.

Something you do so effortlessly may be someone else’s struggle.

So, evaluate your life right now and pick that one thing you love doing without breaking a sweat.

Have you heard YouTube moms who are clean freaks and earn 6 figures to teach people how to clean?

To find things you enjoy, look at the main industry and niche down to smaller topics.

Remember the example above of the DIY hardware store owner?

For the love of DIY, he created a niche market.

According to HubSpot, writing blog posts 2-4 times per week brings success and comfort. 

So, imagine writing about topics that don’t interest you all those times! 

For the sake of your success, pick an interesting topic.

3. How popular is the topic?

You want to start an online business that no one else has.

You want your idea to be groundbreaking, truly revolutionary.

And eat all of that pie. No competition. Just you.

You’re probably thinking of creating something new. 

Think again.

Sure, it is awesome to invent things and get trophies made of real gold.

But then again, you don’t want to get yourself into murky waters with zero clues of getting out.

You want solutions based on tried and tested techniques.

Do you know there’s no such thing as an original idea, just recycled.

Your focus should be to improve what’s available for a ready audience.

Consider this if you’re blogging for business, demand and competition.

Is there a desire by an audience to buy such products and services?

Are there providers already in the market competing to meet that desire?

Competition is good so ditch any negative thoughts of a “saturated market.”

I created a blog despite interesting statistics about blogs but you know what?

I agree with this author. Blogs are here to stay.

Businesses thrive where there’s a personal touch to customers.

You must be mindful of your target audience and bring ideas to improve people’s lives.

4. How profitable is the niche?

If you want your blog to bring in some income, you need a profitable niche.

Take a minute and think about where you mostly spend your money without blinking.

We buy painkillers when sick to ease pain . No shortcut to feeling better. 

When you want to improve your income, you take a course to up your skills.

When you’re bored and need entertainment.

Profitable niches revolve around human’s pain points and we all yearn to remain active, healthy, and better.

Some of the profitable broad topics are;

1. Health – Good health is vital to everyone. Do you know any natural remedies that work magic? Help others enjoy a fulfilling life by going natural.

2. Wealth & finance- People will always seek advice to create and manage their wealth

3. Digital marketing – Teach businesses effective digital marketing strategies to generate sales. 

4. Parenting- No parent is perfect, but sharing what has worked for you can help another.

5. Home improvement- It’s expensive to refurbish your home. Help others with DIY guides on how to spruce up their homes.

Out of these, you can narrow down to sub-topics based on your interest and expertise. 

In my post on how to start a blog, I emphasized the need to create a profitable blog.

Among the 5-10 blog topics that you’ve brainstormed, pick one with the potential to bring income.

5. Choose an Evergreen niche

Presidential elections are a one time event.

Christmas and other holidays too.

There’s a lot of money to be made during that period only. 

Not so with an Evergreen niche.

An evergreen niche is a topic with high search volume and low competition and remains stable for a long time.

How many people are always looking to lose weight especially in January?

In the US, there have been sales of over $200m weight management formulas in new year.

Now, that’s lucrative!

But to low competition, you need to find micro-niche.

  • To find evergreen niches:
  • Look for any existing online communities on that topic. 
  • A simple search for natural remedies on Facebook brings groups with thousands of people. One even has over 600k members!
  • That’s the market demand that you can tap into.
  • Get an idea from these popular types of blogs and make your best bet.
  • Find the best selling e-commerce products e.g socks
  • Scroll through this list of Evergreen niches and see what sparks your interest  


Hopefully, this article has given you ideas on how to choose a profitable niche as a new blogger.

In summary, to find a niche;

  • Sell your current expertise. 
  • Find your passion and follow relevant blogs.
  • Research the popularity of the topic
  • Pick an Evergreen niche

Are you ready to level up your skills as an online marketer?

Enroll now for a free digital marketing course by Google.

For HubSpot free and paid courses, go here to select 


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